Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Eight

I re-arranged the still-life from last Saturday and concentrated on the string instruments. We’ve been using an angled flat brush for the last few weeks and experimenting with a swatch-like approach to painting. Yesterday, I demonstrated with a 3/4″ angled flat. I used my preliminary pencil drawing to generally place the main shapes and didn’t draw any detail. The brush was held in different ways to make a variety of smaller marks.

The same brush was used throughout the painting. It was not used to simply fill in areas delineated by pencil and, thus, became a drawing tool. The process challenged me in several ways. There’s an inevitable clumsiness to handling a brush in a new way. Also, my pencil drawing was so basic that I often ignored it and re-defined shapes with the brush.

My demo was done on an 11 x 15″ sheet of cold-press Bockingford paper.I was sitting down. This is a ‘broad’ approach to watercolour painting. If I were interested in pursuing it with a series of paintings, I would work on a larger sheet and I would stand up to paint.

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique

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