Break out the wine and cheese! My blog received it’s ten thousandth view today. One year ago, I couldn’t have been less interested in starting a blog but I decided to give it a shot.

The blog has added to my workload as I’ve been diligent about recording my exhibitions, classes and workshops. It’s been rewarding, though, particularly due to the global community of artists I’ve discovered.

I thank my students and subscribers for their support and I’m especially grateful to those who’ve taken the time to comment on my posts. Now for year two. Stay tuned.


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6 Responses to “10,000 Views!”

  1. Leslie Cadeau Says:

    Congratulations! Well done! Love to read them.


  2. Pat MacCulloch Says:

    Way to go, Barry! I enjoy every one…


  3. Penny Lamnek Says:

    Congratulations Barry. You would not have reached such a milestone had your blog not been interesting and informative.
    Looks like good material for a book, if you ask me.
    Take care
    Penny Lamnek

  4. nolando Says:


  5. ErinHillArt.Travel Journal Says:

    Good work Barry. That is amazing. As said above you have an excellent site and it interests all artists.

  6. Stephen Says:

    There’s that number again – all the best for the next 10 000

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