Duntara, Newfoundland

Mountains near Port-Aux-Basques

This is my first visit to Newfoundland since I was a young man when my friend and I spent three days outport-hopping on the south shore’s coastal boat, ultimately arriving in Argentia on the Avalon Peninsula. We then hitchhiked to St. John’s before thumbing across the island, back to Port-aux-Basques and the ferry.

Rocks at Duntara

I’ve waited way too long to return to the big island that is often referred to as the Rock. Newfoundland is known for many things but primarily for it’s very friendly people and the ruggedly beautiful landscape. We’ve been here for three days, settled into a cozy house in Duntara on the Bonavista Peninsula, and have already encountered several examples of each.

We’d been looking forward to lots of painting and walking and getting off the telephone and computer leash. Then my watch stopped during our first night. I think the Rock is trying to tell me something.

Near Keels, Nfld

We visited the neighbouring village of Keels yesterday where we met Francis P. Young who is a performing musician known as the Trouting Newfoundlander. Francis pointed out a few of the local points of interest such as the Geyser and the cemetery.

Lobster Pots, Keels

I’ve been sketching a bit and also experimenting with gouache over watercolour. Here’s an image of Duntara on Arches rough watercolour paper. I’ll post again soon.

Duntara 1


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9 Responses to “Duntara, Newfoundland”

  1. Scott Cooper Says:

    Glad to see you’re settling in. See you in no time.

  2. Pat MacCulloch Says:

    Unreal colours! Have a great time…Pat

  3. Jacques Descoteaux Says:

    I love your painting. Landscape is not bad either. Enjoy!

  4. Diana Ellis Says:

    When are you going to organize a trip Barry? Diana Ellis

  5. Ian Mackay Says:

    Nice Painting!

  6. Barb Stanley Says:

    Wow! Beautiful scenery, and I really like the painting.

  7. Carol King Says:

    I have always wanted to visit Newfoundland. You’ve piqued my interest even more. I love your painting. It has a Japanese feel to it. I really like the simplicity of form in the houses and the way the water and the sky blend.

    • Barry Coombs Says:

      I’m glad you like the painting. Newfoundland is worth it. I’m doing some research and may offer a workshop in this area next summer so why don’t you consider joining us.

  8. Sonya Chasey Says:

    Newfoundland looks amazing (I guess the Basques would have felt quite at home, although the landscape perhaps looks wilder & more remote than the Basque Country these days.)

    I also really like your painting & I can see what Carol means about the Japaneses feel in a way.

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