About Barry Coombs

I’m a visual artist based in Hamilton, Ontario. I can be contacted at barryfcoombs@gmail.com. I’ve exhibited my paintings, drawings and sculpture in Canada, Taiwan, China and South Korea and represented Canada at the G20 World Artist Festival in Seoul, South Korea in November of 2010. Currently, I’m represented by the Art Gallery of Burlington Shop in Burlington, Ontario. Please, view my work at www.barrycoombs.ca.

I taught art to adults on a part-time basis for over thirty years although my teaching career is now winding down. My teaching focused on mostly observation-based watercolour painting and pen and ink drawing. Demonstrations, individual attention and critiques were important elements of my practice. I always tried to maintain a positive and constructive attitude and was able to work with students of all levels of skill and experience. In addition to giving studio classes, I led dozens of outdoor painting and sketching holidays in Canada, Europe, the USA and Mexico.


3 Responses to “About Barry Coombs”

  1. Sonya Chasey Says:

    I’ve just found your blog via Keith’s & have been enjoying looking through. I like your fresh style & the way you juxtapose all the various elements in your compositions.

    • Barry Coombs Says:

      Hi Sonya: I’ve seen your site before and enjoy the clarity and colour in your paintings very much. I’m also interested in languages and I’m fascinated by your multilingual posts. I’ll continue to check in.

  2. Art class in Toronto | ButterflyHands Says:

    […] invited myself and didn’t pay for the class, so I hope it is fine. : ) Read more about Barry here. I tried the class about cubism. My art knowledge actually only consists of ‘I like a […]

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