Winter Wednesday Watercolour at DVSA – Week Three!

Thanks for all of your comments about the value of critiques last week! I think that most of us consider the critique to be an indispensable element of an art class.

I chose these colourful gift bags for our still-life at Dundas Valley School of Art on Wednesday evening. First of all, the colours are cheerful. Secondly, the broad, flat planes allowed me to deal with applying even, ungraded washes for my demonstration. I painted the overall shape of this green bag first and strove to keep the wash consistent and without streaks or blossoms.

Following that, I continued to develop the bag, guided by a light to dark and big to small process. I used soft-edge techniques to show value transitions on the ribbon.

It was only our third class (one more to go) and I’m pleased with the progress already. There’s a lot to deal with in the world of observational painting; drawing, composing, grasping light and shadow, brush-handling and more!

Wednesday Critique


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3 Responses to “Winter Wednesday Watercolour at DVSA – Week Three!”

  1. Lynn Macintyre Says:

    Great to see you are still teaching at DVSA, I got so much out of the courses I took from you, I still review them in my mind when I sit down to paint! Thanks Barry 😁

  2. Lois Buroker Says:

    Love what the Students, did. They have a good Teacher..
    Thanks always for sharing, Stay safe. Lois

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