Our last few days in Mexico City!

We headed up to Mexico City on Friday morning and checked in to a lovely hotel on the main square. A few hours of free time were spent exploring the Zocalo and surrounding area. Our goal in Mexico City was to visit Casa Azul, the home of Frida Kahlo. In addition to that, we planned to visit the Museo Rivera, a purpose-built building housing the pre-hispanic artifact collection of Diego Rivera. After an excellent breakfast on the terrace overlooking the national cathedral, our transport picked us up on Saturday morning. First stop, Casa Azul.

Casa Azul from the street

In the courtyard


Frida’s studio

Our next stop was the rather imposing Museo Rivera. The collection is extensive and fascinating.

Cartoon for mural

It was a full day with a lot of shuttling around but worth it. It was also the last day of group activities before heading home on Sunday morning. I’d like to thank all of our participants for making the workshop a success. Here they are, the class of 2019!

Courtesy: Stewart Stein


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