Vermont 2018 – Thursday at Craftsbury Common!

Another morning and another demonstration in the Ski Hut Studio. The weather was fine and our plan was to paint at Craftsbury Common, which features a lot of charming white buildings. Well, we didn’t have any white paint so what would we do?

The white of the paper can be used, of course, but sometimes it needs a little help. I discussed ways to very lightly tint the paper to create warm, cool or neutral whites. Also, we looked at how to mix whites in shadow.

White can also be enhanced by context. For example, a black roof and shutters can help make a wall in shadow look whiter.

I wrapped up the demonstration and off we went to Craftsbury Common for a very pleasant day of sketching and painting.

We had a few unexpected art critics from nearby Sterling College.

It was a relief to enjoy such good weather. Still, critiques are best held indoors so, at the end of the day, we convened at our Ski Hut Studio. I was very pleased to see the progress made over the week to date. There’s one more day to go. Stay tuned!

Thursday Critique a

Thursday Critique b



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2 Responses to “Vermont 2018 – Thursday at Craftsbury Common!”

  1. Ruth Kaldor Says:

    I live nearby. Where was this workshop advertised?

    • Barry Coombs Says:

      Hi Ruth,
      I believe I saw some of your work in Cabot. Very nice. For the most part, I brought the participants from southern Ontario. We also had three from Maine who all had connections with the group. My advertising is mostly through my mailing list and blog. I hope to return to Vermont next September. Working dates are September 22-29, 2019. Cheers, Barry

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