Pen and Ink Studio at DVSA – Week Three!


Don’t wake up the cats! Yesterday, at the Dundas Valley School of Art, we focused on stippling and the cats were perfect models.

Have you ever tried stippling? I call it the personality test. Some people love it and find it very relaxing. Others…. Stippling is done with the tip of the pen. Basically, it’s an accumulation of tiny dots that gradually become shapes of ever-darkening values. It requires patience and it can be time-consuming. Also, one needs to preserve the white of the paper for the light areas. Stippling can be combined with other techniques. Yesterday, we concentrated on stippling on its own.

Stippling demonstration by Barry Coombs

The students all did a drawing of a cat. They also continued working on their personal projects. It was a good pace and the projects are coming along very well. We have a small Pen and Ink Studio group this term and a few are on their winter holiday at the moment. Maybe, the quieter studio was a bonus. The cats slept through the entire afternoon.

Pen and Ink Studio Critique

Pen and Ink Studio Critique



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3 Responses to “Pen and Ink Studio at DVSA – Week Three!”

  1. Carol King Says:

    Hi Barry. I find stippling relaxing. Love all the cats.

    BTW, did you know there’s now a stipple pen. It’s electric and goes up and down like a sewing machine making dots. It’s called cuttlelola or something. I wondered what you think about that.

    • Barry Coombs Says:

      Hi Carol,
      I didn’t know about the new pen. It sounds a bit frightening. If I stippled a lot I might investigate it but, for now, I think I’ll stay with my sketch pen. Cheers, Barry

  2. Lois Says:

    Wow, you find some unique things to draw, this would be a good challenge, I may give it another try. Thanks, always for sharing.

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