Barry’s Birds in the Wood Duck magazine

My hobby is birding. As such, I’m a member in a few clubs and organizations. One of these is the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club. The club produces the Wood Duck magazine nine times a year, from September to May. I recently submitted a pen and ink drawing of an American Kestrel for the December issue. The editor liked it and suggested we make it a regular feature. Barry’s Birds has hatched and taken flight!

American Kestrel by Barry Coombs

American Kestrel
by Barry Coombs

Wood Duck, December 2016, Cover  Wood Duck, December 2016, P. 94


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13 Responses to “Barry’s Birds in the Wood Duck magazine”

  1. brownjayadventures Says:

    Very nice Barry.




  2. Penny Lamnek Says:

    Congratulations Barry! Follow your bliss.

  3. Renate Roske-Shelton Says:

    Congratulations Barry! and what a smart and lucky editor of Wood Duck magazine. I’m ready to listen for some Mexican birds. Lol

  4. Elizabeth Jay Says:

    Way to go Barry! Barry’s Birds sounds like a winner of a title.

  5. Joanne Ross Says:

    Fantastic, Barry! The Kestral is gorgeous. Look forward to seeing the other birds as you publish them.

  6. Gwen Brooks Says:

    Congratulations Barry. Beautiful drawing.

  7. William Brisland Says:

    I think this magazine has kicked it up a notch!

  8. Gordon Dowsley Says:

    well done Barry Gordon —–Gordon DowsleyConsulting in International Development135 Limerick StreetOshawa, Ontario, Canada L1J 7A81-905-576-3636

  9. Mary Gurr Says:

    Congratulations Barry, so nice to see your art practice expanding. Wishing you and Aleda a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year-

    Enjoy your day!


  10. Joan Wolfe Says:

    Love it Barry! I remember your birding in the Sifton Bog when you were doing a workshop for us here in London. So glad you are combining your two passions. Another great use of your skills.

  11. Sandra Florence Says:

    You certainly captured the Kestrel Barry. It is one of my favourite birds ever since I saw one up close at the annual Birding Festival in McGregor Park (just outside of Port Elgin). Their plumage is so beautiful. I often watch the power lines as that seems to be a favourite perch. The keeper said they are easy to spot as they are always alone – other birds give them a wide berth. Congratulations on your new venture, and a happy holiday season to you and Alida. Sandra


  12. Robin Campbell Says:

    I thought Kestrel played for the Leafs.

    Beautiful drawing, sir. Clean, yet majestic. Lovely.

  13. Lois Says:

    Very very nice, and Congrats. You are a Great Artist! No matter
    what the Subject or Median.

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