Introduction to Pen with Wash and Watercolour at DVSA

I was back at the Dundas Valley School of Art yesterday to teach the third workshop in a series of four. Our first two days focused solely on pen drawing and yesterday we added wash and watercolour to the mix.

Photo of drawing subject by Barry Coombs

Our first subject was two cardboard gardening containers. I provided this photograph to each student. I’d taken care to light the objects so that we could focus on values. After drawing the objects in pencil, we added a monochromatic (one colour) wash to the overall areas of shadow. When the wash was dry, we worked with our pens and added much more information about the forms.

Pen and watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombs

Our second exercise was particularly interesting. I gave each student a small figurine of a teddy bear. We talked about the drawing aspect of the exercise including proportion and light and shadow. This time, we didn’t have a photograph of well-lit teddy bears to work from. We decided on a light direction, upper left or right, and analyzed the forms of the bears and how they would receive the light. Our goal was to make the bears look three-dimensional.

Drawing lesson by Barry Coombs

We did this drawing in four steps. Sorry! I didn’t have time to photograph all of the steps. First: we drew the bears in pencil. Second: we painted a blue-grey middle value wash in the shadow areas of the bears and allowed it to dry. Third: we painted the local colours. For example, the green shirt and the blue overalls. Our final step was the pen. We used it to enhance the shadows and add texture and detail.

Pen and watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombs

My goal was to introduce the students to a few ideas about combining pen with wash and watercolour. My hope was that they take home a good experience and apply it to their own sketching and drawing. It was an enthusiastic group and we had lots of fun while working hard on the projects. Have a look at what they created below. Next week, I’ll be back at DVSA for the fourth and final workshop in the series; Pen with Wash and Watercolour – Drawing People!

Cardboard Pots Critique

Cardboard Pots Critique

Teddy Bears Critique

Teddy Bears Critique


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4 Responses to “Introduction to Pen with Wash and Watercolour at DVSA”

  1. Renate Roske-Shelton Says:

    Love your wonderful Teddy Bear teachings, wish I was closer to where you teach. It looks like such fun….and a great instructor!!!

  2. Lois Says:

    I found this post, interesting, too.

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