Spring Tuesday Watercolour Class – May 10


This is another view of the still-life from our Sustained Saturday class last weekend. It was no less challenging for the Tuesday students. I stuck to the same ideas presented on Saturday with my demonstration.

The patterns on the wooden objects can be tricky. I followed a ‘big to small’ and ‘light to dark’ process. The vase on the left was painted first. Once dry, I added the leaf shapes of the pattern, glazing right over the first wash. The thin dark veins were added last.

The studies on the right showed my approach to drawing these irregular shapes. Can you see the parallel lines in the upper study? They help me establish the perspective of the object.

Watercolour study by Barry Coombs  Watercolour demonstration sheet by Barry Coombs

I think the students always do well but I guess I’m biased. Still, they’re working from direct observation and completing these watercolours in a little over two hours. The average size of the work is 12 x 16″.

That’s it for our short spring term at Arts on Adrian in Toronto. I’d like to thank all of the students for their enthusiasm and support. Thanks for following, commenting and liking.

Tuesday Afternoon Critique

Tuesday Afternoon Critique

Tuesday Evening Critique

Tuesday Evening Critique



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