Fall Sustained Saturday Watercolour Class


I hadn’t dug out the brass objects for quite a while. They’re a good challenge and there are a few things I wanted to emphasize with my demonstration.

First of all, there are lots of reflections and they can be quite distracting. It’s important to think about the objects as volumes and to carefully consider how they are lit. The spotlight is directly above our still life and I tried to simplify these objects to show how the light source can make them feel three-dimensional.

Often, I mention ‘wire frame’ drawing. Do you know what I mean? Some of you may have done a project in high school involving the creation of objects from wire. Imagine making a box from wire. You’d be able to see right through it. I did a small ‘wire frame’ study on my demo sheet. The coloured ellipses show the base of three different objects. Note the red ellipse. It fits into the space between the two books. No overlap. Overlap would defy physics. The ‘wire frame’ approach helps us create believable space in our work.

Watercolour demonstration sheet by Barry Coombs

We stopped about thirty minutes after my demonstration to review our thumbnail sketches. We do these sketches to work out our compositions. Everything should be considered, not just the placement of the objects in the frame of reference (usually a rectangle) but value and colour relationships, as well. The colour chosen for the ‘background’ will have a big impact on the image.

Take a look at what the Sustained Saturday students created.

Sustained Saturday Critique

Sustained Saturday Critique



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2 Responses to “Fall Sustained Saturday Watercolour Class”

  1. Carol King Says:

    I love your lessons and your demos. As always, thanks for sharing these Barry.

  2. Renate Roske-Shelton Says:

    Thanks for sharing these festive content lessons and creations, just in time for the sparkling holiday seaon. Cheers to you and your students.

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