Fall Sustained Saturday Watercolour Class


It’s that time of year! Pumpkins and gourds are a popular subject and they’re not hard to find right now. Most grocery stores have a display, some things edible and others decorative, as we anticipate Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend.

I approached the studies on my demonstration sheet in two different ways. First of all, I’ll talk about the one on the upper left. I drew the gourd with pencil. Next, I painted it with clear water and touched in a grey while wet. The grey serves as the core shadow of the object. When the grey dried, the whole thing was painted light yellow. Can you see the shadow coming through the pale yellow? The dark green was added once the yellow had dried. The partially painted pumpkin (say that fast three times) below was done in the same manner.

The other three studies were created with a ‘light to dark’ and ‘big to small’ process. Let’s discuss the one on the upper right. I painted the whole thing yellow and touched in a darker value, while wet, to indicate the core shadow. Allowing it to dry between washes, I added the orange stripes and then the dark green broken stripes.

The use of light and shadow is a traditional way to give an object a three-dimensional quality. We learned yesterday that the stripes, following the contours of the objects, are also a very effective way to achieve the same goal.

Watercolour demonstration sheet by Barry Coombs

Most of the students followed my lead and warmed up with a sheet of studies. Others completed sketches and thumbnail compositional studies before starting a sustained watercolour. The studio at Arts on Adrian had a great energy and we enjoyed viewing our efforts at critique time.

Sustained Saturday Critique

Sustained Saturday Critique


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2 Responses to “Fall Sustained Saturday Watercolour Class”

  1. Carol King Says:

    Great gourds, Barry.

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