Gibsons School of the Arts – Last Day!


I bade farewell to lovely Gibsons and the Sunshine Coast last Friday. We had spent part of Thursday and all of Friday on our final project. The workshop participants created compositions from their own reference material. Most started with photographs and made sketches and studies from them. As the ideas developed, I asked them to put the photographs away. ‘Realism’ was not our goal. Our paintings were intended to be interpretative, whimsical and expressive. The photographs had to be abandoned!

Watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombs

I worked on my demonstration while the group painted. I called them over from time to time to discuss techniques and concepts. Also, I walked around the studio every ten minutes or so to provide some one-on-one feedback.

Each individual chose their size and format. We were evenly split between quarter and half sheets. In response to our earlier exercises, some elected to leave the white lines between each shape and in the other works the shapes touched each other.

We had talked a lot about colour and composition over the course of the week and the group came through with some dynamic paintings. Some aren’t quite finished yet but we all enjoyed our final critique.

I had a great week at the Gibsons School of the Arts and appreciate the enthusiasm and daring of the participants. Thanks for your likes and comments and for following our progress.



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4 Responses to “Gibsons School of the Arts – Last Day!”

  1. Elizabeth jay Says:

    The final pieces were stunning! Looks like a great workshop. Colourful, daring and sparkling!!

  2. weisserwatercolours Says:

    …oh, what a grand showing–so August, so Sunshine Coast, so much energy the eye dances.

  3. Heather F. Clarke PhD (Nursing) Says:

    It was a wonderful week, great workshop that stretched my “realism” focus to more playful – full of shapes – perhaps with sort of representation….but that changed as I worked on my painting. Also stretched in using only the 3 primary colours + burnt sienna and hookers green (just couldn’t get a good green with cobalt blue and aureolin yellow…thanks Barry – I had a great time and am anxious to try doing this style with more subjects!

  4. Lois Says:

    Some lovely shapes and painting;, hard to pick from.

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