Gibsons School of the Arts – Day Two!

It was back to the studio on Tuesday morning. It’s a very comfortable space with lots of room for the students to work at individual tables. I demonstrate at this contraption and I love they way it was designed and built although I bump my head on it occasionally.


The subject of our morning talk was composition. We followed that with an exercise that developed a tonal composition and a strong pattern. Everyone used my template for their basic design.

Preliminary drawing for watercolour exercise by Barry Coombs

Seven of the shapes were randomly selected to be preserved as paper white. A wash of Cobalt Blue and Burnt Sienna was applied everywhere on the sheet except those seven shapes.

First wash of watercolour exercise by Barry Coombs

The first wash is a light middle value and the next step was to add a second darker wash. Several of the light middle value shapes would be preserved.

Second wash of watercolour exercise by Barry Coombs

Our final step was to mix an almost black wash. Still, from the same two colours. A few new shapes were added with pencil and the black gave us a full range of value and added definition to the work.

Third wash of watercolour exercise by Barry Coombs

The students did a great job of following the steps. We started another project in the afternoon but first we had a look at our tonal studies.

Tuesday Critique

Tuesday Critique


4 Responses to “Gibsons School of the Arts – Day Two!”

  1. weisserwatercolours Says:

    ….sooooo useful and accessible–a way of coming at it through self-discovery within a restrictive form, which yet allows individual choices. I also like how there is a practice patch beside the piece to help finalize their values.

  2. Susan Power Says:

    What a neat exercise.

  3. Alison Ogilvie Says:

    Fabulous work!!

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