SM de Allende, Mexico – Wednesday

Watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombs

We headed out of town on Wednesday to historic Atotonilco. I knew what was in store and that was lots of domes, towers and belfries. My demonstration had two main themes. First of all, I discussed the basic volumes that make up an architectural form. Can we analyze the tower in terms of spheres, cones, cylinders and cubes? Doing so gives us a greater understanding of the subject and also leads to my second theme; light and shadow.

The light changes over the course of the day and, if the sun goes behind a cloud, shadows can’t be seen at all. Understanding the forms we’re painting helps us light the forms effectively.

The cathedral and ruins at Atotonilco are quite spectacular. It’s a quiet town and only about twenty minutes away from SM de Allende. We hopped in our taxis and got there in no time.




It’s a very popular spot with my students and you can see why. As usual, we gathered back at the studio for our critique.



As we wound up our critique, thunder crashed and the skies opened up for about 30 minutes. Soon, the sun was back out and we were treated to a fabulous double rainbow. Another great day in San Miguel de Allende.




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4 Responses to “SM de Allende, Mexico – Wednesday”

  1. Susan Power Says:


  2. melisnorth Says:

    Light and form are some of my favourite art topics and I wish I knew more and how to apply it effectively. The local looks sublime! Love these workshop posts, though it does make me green with envy 😉

  3. Lois Says:

    Oh, Wow!! What beautiful buildings, and the Rainbow.
    Would have loved to be with this Group. The Art is so good too.
    Never see a Bad one….
    Thanks so much for Sharing. I love the mini lesson you did.

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