Winter Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Two


Last Tuesday, we went back to basics. I painted our hats in gray, focusing on value. Colour was glazed on the value study. On Saturday, I used this still life and I wanted the Tuesday students to have a shot at it, too. There’s nothing like a little Mexican pot on a cold winter day.

I continued with some review this week. Last week, I mixed Burnt Sienna and Cobalt Blue to make my grays. Today, I mixed my grays with Raw Sienna and Cobalt Blue. Raw Sienna is not as dark as Burnt Sienna and it’s basically a yellow. It makes gray with a different quality.

The goal of my demonstrations was to create a pot with as few values as possible. Simplification of form! I also reviewed ‘wire frame’ drawing (see the lower left corner) and basic soft edge application (bottom right).

Watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombs

This would be a very boring blog without the wonderful watercolours that the students come up with week after week. They always work hard and make my job easy. Anyway, time to go. Something about this still life has given me the munchies.

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique



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2 Responses to “Winter Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Two”

  1. scottcooperstudio Says:

    Your students work is always impressive; you are very fortunate to have such dedicated pupils. Kudos!

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