Sustained Saturday Watercolour Class – January 10


A full house was on hand today for our first Sustained Saturday of 2015. It’s cold and snowy outside so I defied reality and set up a still life with a bit of a southern feel. The soapbox doesn’t necessarily relate to the other objects but it’s an interesting platform for them.

My demonstration sheet shows two very different approaches to the pot. I painted the one on the left with Raw Sienna, darkening it with Cobalt blue in the shadowy areas. Subsequently, I glazed green over the first washes; not everywhere, of course. The Raw Sienna is preserved where the colour of the clay shows through on the pot.

The study on the right was done in a few minutes. Quick, gestural, bold. This could be a ‘warmup’ study before starting a sustained work. It could also be a finished piece.

Watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombs

The beauty of a Sustained Saturday is time. The class is more than twice as long as a Tuesday morning or evening class. Now, the students will tell you that there’s never enough time, no matter how long the class. I tell them to plan their day, budgeting a certain amount of time for preparatory work and warmup studies. The amount of time they allot for a sustained watercolour is up to the individual.

Several of the students felt rusty after the holiday layoff. I don’t think it really shows. It’s been a great start to our new year and a nice antidote to the deep freeze outside.

Sustained Saturday Critique

Sustained Saturday Critique


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