Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Four!

Still Life

More squash and pumpkins! We can’t let the Saturday students have all the fun. Everyone seems to enjoy this seasonal subject.

I talked about colour mixing and played with some wax during my demonstration. We also looked at a few different ways of handling these objects. An acorn squash can be painted one panel at a time, for instance. I haven’t completed all of the panels on my demonstration sheet. The stripes on the gourds aren’t just decorative. They follow the form and give the gourds a three-dimensional quality.

Watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombs

Our morning class wasn’t up to full strength today due to illnesses and various commitments so you’ll notice a smaller group of paintings than usual. The quality of the work, though, was very high. Of course, the evening class held their own. I’d better be careful with my remarks. I don’t mean to suggest that there’s a competition. I’m just very pleased with the progress of my students.

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique


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One Response to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Four!”

  1. northpenninegallery Says:

    Barry, I built a blog for my four art classes to promote their work. Let me know what you think. http://www.teesart14.wordpress.com

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