Sustained Saturday Watercolour – Pumpkins and Squash


It’s that time of year! We celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada last weekend but the grocery stores and markets will be stocked with pumpkins and squash for a while. Pumpkins, of course, have yet to be transformed into Jack-o-Lanterns.

We’ve been focusing on value in the Tuesday classes and it seemed to be an appropriate subject for the first Sustained Saturday of the Fall term. My demonstration developed into a work sheet of various techniques and concepts. A sepia study like mine on the left of the demonstration sheet is always a good way to find the light in your subject and plan a composition.

The study on the right was painted with a mix of Burnt Sienna and Cobalt Blue. In addition to value, I showed some soft-edge and brush-handling ideas. I completed the study in cool greys and allowed it to dry before adding colour.

Watercolour demo sheet by Barry Coombs

Watercolour demo sheet by Barry Coombs

The Saturday artists have some real traditions. Hot chicken sandwiches and yummy pastries from Caldense Bakery. Wrapping up with our theme song ‘Let’s Take The Show On The Road’ by Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party. It’s all missed over the summer months so it was nice to see everyone. Almost everyone. Nasty things like head colds thinned our numbers somewhat today. Nevertheless, those who attended, although it was our first day back, seemed to be in mid-season form!

Sustained Saturday Critique

Sustained Saturday Critique


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3 Responses to “Sustained Saturday Watercolour – Pumpkins and Squash”

  1. Susan Power Says:

    What lovely paintings

  2. Lois Says:

    The Pumpkins all turned out so nice.
    We celebrate Thanksgiving, in Nov. here…
    Thanks for sharing,

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