Grand Manan Island 2014 – Day Four


We started Thursday morning in our North Head studio. This is a block of Saunders, 140 lb., cold press watercolour paper. I demonstrated an approach to painting foggy and misty conditions. The rectangle on the left was painted with a combination of Pthalo Green and Rose Madder Quinacridone. I started at the top of the sheet with a 1″ ox hair brush and worked my way down. There are subtle changes in the balance of red and green.

The image on the right was painted with the same two colours but I started with a primary yellow, Aureolin (mixture). I created a yellowish rectangular area but, other than that, it’s a very random wash.


This is the image from the left side of the block. The wash was allowed to dry completely. Then, using the same two colours, I painted some shapes over the preliminary wash. The shapes which are lighter in value tend to recede and the shapes with more contrast advance into the foreground.


Quite a bit of negative space painting was used to develop the window image.  The silhouette of the house is kept very light. It’s just a suggestion of what we see through the window.


On Wednesday, while the group painted at Seal Cove, I started a small painting with pencil and watercolour. This was the basis of my second demonstration on Thursday; pen and watercolour.




I stopped at this point. I’ve used the pen to deepen shadows and suggest texture.

The great outdoors beckoned following our session in the studio. I gave the group some liberty as to site selection. Several chose Dark Harbour and I spent a few hours with them there.






I headed back to North Head in the afternoon and searched for painters. No-one was at Pettes’ Cove, with it’s view of the Swallowtail lighthouse, but I found some, hard at work, scattered around the harbour.



We always wrap up our day with a critique. We met at the studio and really enjoyed seeing the progress made over the course of the week.




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3 Responses to “Grand Manan Island 2014 – Day Four”

  1. Robin Campbell Says:

    Hey Barry,

    I sent you a message yesterday but according to word press it didn’t get through. I was just wishing you a happy birthday, chum.

    Hope all is well on Grand Manan – all’s good here on Pie Aye Aye. Talk to sometime soon.


    – Rob

  2. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Great information in your demos. I always LEARN something when I visit. And your photos are gorgeous!

  3. Lois Says:

    Barry, Thanks for sharing such lovely Photos. Oh, so Beautiful!
    Thanks too, for sharing the Demos, and the Students, did some
    nice paintings and drawings.

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