Grand Manan Island – Day Two!


It was a cool and overcast start to our second day. That might sound unpromising but it gave me the perfect opportunity to do a sustained demonstration in the studio. I painted on two quarter sheets (11 x 15″) of Curry’s 200 lb., cold press watercolour paper. I offered ideas about colour and value. We have several students who have experience with oil and acrylic but are fairly new to watercolour so brush-handling and soft-edge techniques were presented, as well.


There’s a lot of interest in pen and ink drawing in the group. I did this sketch of floats at the Museum on Monday. Hatching and cross-hatching are the techniques I’ve used.


North Head was our ‘en plein air’ painting site, just minutes from our studio. The harbour is a busy place and home to a real variety of fishing boats.


You can even find a windbreak, if needed.



Eventually, the sun came out!



We returned to our studio for the critique at the end of the day. I encourage the students to pursue their interests within the general frame of the workshop. A big part of my job is to help them find their individual voice.



Painting and sketching weren’t the only things on our agenda. We met for a lovely dinner at the well-known Compass Rose Inn. I think this picture is worth a thousand words. Yum!TuesLobster


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2 Responses to “Grand Manan Island – Day Two!”

  1. Ruth and Eric Miller Says:

    Remembering good times in Grand Manan with Barry. Thanks for the memories. Eric

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