Grand Manan Island – Day Three!


It was low tide when we arrived at Seal Cove this morning. The fog was fairly dense, as well, but visibility was fine for sketching and painting. The old smoke sheds of Seal Cove offer quite a challenge to the artist. I started the day with a discussion about perspective and showed the students how to use a measuring stick to check angles accurately.


Seal Cove is usually the most popular of our painting sites. The weathered textures and subtle colours are very appealing. Even the avifauna get in on the act! This Herring Gull is perched on a red shingle roof and the rosy hue is reflected onto its’ white underside.


We broke around midday and had a delicious lunch at the McLaughlin’s Wharf Inn. After that, it was back to work.




We had our critique at the Marathon Inn. Most of the group are guests of the Inn and we commandeered a common room for a little while.





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3 Responses to “Grand Manan Island – Day Three!”

  1. Jayne Ingalls Says:

    Do you have a show or sale at the end of your workshops? We’re going to be on the island over the long weekend and would love to see the work!

    • Barry Coombs Says:

      Hi Jayne, I’m afraid we can’t fit a show into the schedule. We have a final party/dinner for the group on Friday night before they disperse. Thanks for your interest.

  2. Penny Lamnek Says:

    how nice to see photo’s of Grand Manan – I do hope to get there again.

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