Spring Sustained Saturday Watercolour Class

Still LIfe - SpringSustSat1/2014

Our still life for yesterday’s class was a variation on the one that I set up last Tuesday. I added some tomatoes and turnips.

My demonstration was also similar to Tuesday’s but I tried something a little bit different. Initially, I painted the shapes with clean water. While wet, I touched some dark colour into the shadow area of each shape. The colours I used were Pthalo Green and Rose Madder Quinacridone. In a few of the shapes, I mixed the two colours together to create a neutral. When the washes were dry, I added the local colour, such as the terracotta to the big cookie jar, to each shape. Can you see the first washes coming through? I think they’re more successful in some of the objects and less so in others. That’s why we do studies. A study sheet like this lets us experiment and hone new ideas.

Watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombs - SpringSustSat1/2014

The next piece is the preliminary work on a sustained watercolour by Karen Waite. My written explanation of my demonstration sheet may be unclear so I hope that a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Karen’s work in progress illustrates my thoughts very well, showing the cool and warm colours touched in to wet areas of clean water.

K Waite - underpainting

Preliminary step by Karen Waite

Now, take a look at Karen’s finished piece. She’s allowed the preliminary work to show through in a very effective manner.

Final watercolour by Karen Waite

Final watercolour
by Karen Waite

There’s a lot of good, positive energy in the studio on Saturdays. Everyone works hard and enjoys the camaraderie as well as the painting. We all look forward to the critique. Yesterday, Emilia had to leave an hour early to visit a new grandchild. Here’s a look at her watercolour, followed by the rest of the group.

Final watercolour  by Emilia

Final watercolour
by Emilia

Sustained Saturday Critique - SpringSustSat1/2014

Sustained Saturday Critique

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One Response to “Spring Sustained Saturday Watercolour Class”

  1. Dottie Says:

    Great work! I like your experimenting. I’m going to give it a try.

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