Plaza San Antonio, SM de Allende



We’re back from San Miguel de Allende, safe and sound and muy feliz (very happy). I’m going to break up the second half of our ten day workshop into a few posts. On Wednesday, we painted in Plaza San Antonio. It’s only a ten minute walk from our hotel and, usually, the only tourists around are us.

I did a demonstration under a big shade tree and talked about colour and simplification. While I demonstrated, the kids from the school came out for their dance classes. Between the traditional music and the raucous Great-tailed Grackles overhead, I had to work hard to communicate my message. It was fun, though. The kids were curious and very well-behaved.

Watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombskids

Everyone settled in and there was no shortage of shady spots or colourful subject matter.


I wander around during the day, visiting students and giving feedback. It’s easy to run down a camera battery as one’s eye is constantly stimulated by the local sights.





SM de Allende is a visual paradise and the weather isn’t bad, either. After another fine day of sketching and painting, we returned to our hotel for a look at the work. Thanks for your comments and stay tuned for our Thursday visit to historic Atotonilco!


Wednesday Critique





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6 Responses to “Plaza San Antonio, SM de Allende”

  1. Dottie Says:

    Gorgeous photos, Barry! Did I hear you have a new camera? If so, it shows! Your students are doing well; everything looks colorful and sunny. Brings back memories!

  2. Lois Says:

    Barry, such a Pretty Area. Could I have Permission, to draw or
    Paint the Church. That is so Pretty, against the Blue Sky.
    Always, thanks for Sharing.

  3. Lois Says:

    Thanks so much, and I love the Recent Photos, too.
    Lovely Pics, and art.
    Thanks always,

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