Buenos Dias from San Miguel de Allende


Hola, amigos. We arrived in beautiful SM de Allende last Thursday night. Friday was a free day and allowed everyone to adjust to the altitude and find an ATM. Our hotel is the lovely Posada de la Aldea with it’s fabulous courtyard and great vistas.



We start the day with a demonstration and here are two of the study sheets I’ve done for the group. These may not look very glamorous and certainly won’t wind up in frames but they deal with many common elements that are part of the local visual experience. I talk while I paint and the students ask questions but, unfortunately, the process can’t be conveyed to the blog viewer.



We painted in our courtyard and in the park on Saturday and Sunday. The park is a short stroll away so it was a nice way to ease into the ‘en plein air’ mode.




I always like to present some ideas about pen and watercolour. This sheet is shown in two steps. I did the watercolour washes first, followed by the pen work.





I suggested that the group focus on studies and small works for the first few days. Here’s what they did on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday Critique

Saturday Critique

Sunday Critique

Sunday Critique

I demonstrated a few approaches to painting figures on Monday morning. The fellow on the left was painted with the shadows first. The colour was applied when the shadows dried. The man on the right was done in reverse order. A light value of the local colour was painted in each area. When dry, a darker value of each colour was added.


We painted in the central area of SM de Allende for the day. There is no shortage of subject matter and finding shady spots wasn’t too difficult.






As usual, we wrapped up the day with a look at the work. Tuesday was slated as a free day and most of the group took a day trip to the state capitol of Guanajuato. We’ll be back at work on Wednesday morning. Hasta luego!


Monday Critique




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9 Responses to “Buenos Dias from San Miguel de Allende”

  1. Aleda O'Connor Says:

    Do I recognize Alfredo in your figure study?

  2. patleary Says:

    Keep the pictures coming, Barry. It’s so good to have this vicarious pleasure! Wish I were there!

  3. Mary M. Hughes Says:

    Thank you…wish I was there……….m

    Sent from Windows Mail

  4. yousra ahmed nagaty Says:

    the paintings are amazing……….we are as well in Alexandria are forming a group called “Alex Urban Sketchers” to sketch old Alexandria ;)………..keep on going 😀 !!!

  5. William Brisland Says:

    I can feel the warmth of the sun from here in freezing Toronto !

  6. Lois Says:

    WOW, Such Beautiful Pictures; So wish I could have been there.
    The Artwork, the Students did such nice Paintings.
    Love the Little Demos, you do as. well.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

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