Humber Valley Art Club – Final Two Days!

I spent two days with the Humber Valley Art Club this week, the third and fourth of our Pen and Watercolour workshop. Do you remember our dories from Day Two? We didn’t have time to look at them so we started off Day Three with an exhibition. Not everyone had a chance to finish adding ink but they still looked good.


Our main project for Day Three had a nautical theme, as well. Everyone had a toy tugboat and followed these steps.


First of all, we drew them in pencil. This is not a large drawing. An open hand would cover it. After a discussion about light and shadow, we painted in the core shadow with a cool, blue-grey wash.


The next step was a bit of a surprise to the workshop participants. I added details in pencil and then glazed colour over local areas of the tugboat.


Finally, the pen. We talked about stroke direction, in particular, and explored the subject with our pens.


Everyone did well and each tugboat had it’s own personality.


Day Four was a busy one. We started off with a drawing of an abandoned shack. This was done from my model and perspective was discussed before we sharpened our pencils. Although we had a good talk about perspective, I stressed that the shack was rundown and didn’t have to conform perfectly to the laws of vanishing points.

A relaxed and runny wash of local colour was applied over the pencil drawing.


The pen brings out details and adds more structure to the drawing.


Our final project was a teddy bear picnic! Everyone had a figurine to work from. We went back to the approach used with the tugboats and established a strong sense of light and shadow first. We also added a new element; a background.




Here are the results! We had a lot of fun looking at the bears. Each one seemed to have a story to tell and many had very amusing expressions.



Thanks for having me, Humber Valley Art Club. It was nice to meet everyone and your enthusiasm and talents made the workshop a success. Keep sketching! Take these ideas and develop your own work in the addictive medium of pen and watercolour.



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6 Responses to “Humber Valley Art Club – Final Two Days!”

  1. Carol King Says:

    I wanted to press the “LIKE” button multiple times but it wouldn’t let me. It seems like you had a super fun successful workshop. Which I could have been there.

  2. Lois Says:

    Wish I could have been there to learn and enjoy the lessons.
    Love ink and watercolor.
    Thanks, always, for sharing .

  3. scaboo Says:

    Fantastic stuff!

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