Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Eight

Still LIfe - FallTuesWk8/2013

The Saturday class painted these oranges, grapefruits and limes. Today, I simplified the still life by removing some of the clementines and limes from the table top. The Tuesday classes are three hours long, as opposed to the full day on Saturday, and I wanted the students to be able to focus on a few less objects. It’s still a colourful subject and colour is what we talked about at the start of each class.

Watercolour Lesson by Barry Coombs - FallTuesWk8/2013

Our numbers were down a bit on Tuesday, some on holiday and some under the weather. It’s that time of year. There are still lots of paintings to look at and I always enjoy the variety in the work.

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique


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2 Responses to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Eight”

  1. Lois Says:

    Love the Demo’s your doing.
    Fruit looks good enough to Eat!!
    Always fun, to see what the Students,do…
    They have a good teacher. wishing I lived closer; would be fun
    in your classes.

  2. Linda Halcomb Says:

    These POP with glowing color!

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