Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Seven

Still Life - FallTuesWk7/2013

I’ve been collecting lanterns for a few years and decided that it was time to give the Tuesday watercolour students a shot at them.

Watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombs - FallTuesWk7/2013  Watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombs - FallTuesWk7/2013

My morning watercolour demonstration is the red lantern on the left. I painted the background first and suggested that the students carefully consider the ‘figure/ground’ relationship; the interaction between the objects and their surroundings. This important concept has been a theme for us for the last several weeks.

The morning group responded and did very well but there was a bit of a struggle with the basic structure of the lanterns so I started off the evening class with a monochromatic analysis of a lantern. Light and shadow to the rescue!

The lanterns weren’t easy but they all work, don’t they? Most of the students focused on one main lantern, in the foreground, and added a silhouette or two to create depth and atmosphere. I didn’t really discuss colour so the artists get full credit for some of these very interesting colour choices and juxtapositions.

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique


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2 Responses to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Seven”

  1. doronart Says:

    Amazing thanks for lighting our day.

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