Evergreen Watercolour Painters Club

Yesterday, I visited the Evergreen Watercolour Painters Club  in Guelph, Ontario and we did a little pot together. Do I have your attention? The event was a one-day workshop and the theme was pen and watercolour. We completed two drawings over the course of the day. As mentioned, we started off with a little pot.

Step one of pot by Barry Coombs - EvergreenWPC2013  Step two of pot by Barry Coombs - EvergreenWPC2013

Step one is my pencil drawing. Lots of planning lines. The second step is a wash. I’ve left the white of the paper on the lip of the pot.

Step three of pot by Barry Coombs - EvergreenWPC2013  Step four of pot by Barry Coombs - EvergreenWPC2013

Step three shows the development of shadow with the pen. The first question with the pen is usually “In what direction should the strokes go?” With this ‘parquet’ approach, shadows can be established without making constant decisions about stroke direction. I used a #03 pigment liner pen from Pilot. The paper is Arches, 140 lb., hot press; a nice, smooth surface for the pen.

Step four shows much more work on the shadows. I’m now ‘cross-hatching’ and the darks are becoming stronger. Overall, the pot is starting to feel more three-dimensional.

Step five of pot by Barry Coombs - EvergreenWPC2013

In step five, I’ve erased my pencil lines and sharpened up some edges. Notice the ‘lost edge’ on the lip? Also, I’ve added some ‘stippling’ and short strokes which help give the drawing a tactile quality.

Here’s a look at the pots from the workshop participants.

Pot drawings - EvergreenWPC2013

We were much more relaxed after doing a little pot (that’s my last pot joke, I promise) and moved on to our second drawing. I opened up my bag of tricks and looked what I pulled out!

Toys - EvergreenWPC2013

I won’t show you all of the steps of my fish drawing but I want you to see the small thumbnail in pencil on the right. I used it to figure out the direction of light and the basic shadow shapes.

Fish studies by Barry Coombs - EvergreenWPC2013

Fish study by Barry Coombs - EvergreenWPC2013

The steps for my fish drawing were very similar to those of the pot. The participants chose their own toy. I had provided the following handout sheet to help them get started and that’s why the ducks and frogs were the most popular subjects.

Handout Sheet- EvergreenWPC2013

Toy Drawings- EvergreenWPC2013Although we all followed the same steps, all of the drawings have their own personality. We had a lot of fun! The expressions on the faces of the frogs were particularly entertaining.

Thanks for having me, EWPC. Last but not least, here’s a shot of Elaine Ferdinandi, President and Workshop Co-ordinator of the club, with yours truly.

Elaine Ferdinandi and myself- EvergreenWPC2013


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3 Responses to “Evergreen Watercolour Painters Club”

  1. joanne Says:

    Hey Barry! This post made me laugh out loud several times and it wasn’t the drawing/painting/artwork!

  2. Susan B. Power Says:

    The whole thing is very sweet, including the art work!

  3. Lois Says:

    Love this Demo. ,and the little animals..
    When you draw, do you measure a box or the Pot.?
    Have a hard time with this…
    Thanks if you care to share, will try the demos, as I love Pen and Ink.

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