Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Four

Still Life - FallTuesWk4

It’s that time of year! I hope everyone (in Canada) enjoyed the Canadian Thanksgiving over the weekend. Gourds and pumpkins are on sale just about everywhere and, fortunately for us, they make a great still life.

Value studies by Barry Coombs - FallTuesWk4

Following my lead, most of the students developed the values in their paintings with grey. We’ve been using this approach since our first class this term. Local colour is glazed over the ‘underpainting’ in grey.

Watercolour study by Barry Coombs - FallTuesWk4

Watercolour studies by Barry Coombs - FallTuesWk4

These past four classes have been a solid review for some and a new experience for others. I’ll continue to emphasize value and light and shadow in the weeks to come but I plan to present some other approaches, as well.

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique


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