WGA – Pen and Watercolour – Week One

I met the Willowdale Group of Artists last night for the first of three evenings devoted to pen and ink combined with watercolour. I brought in a collection of small terracotta dishes; one for each artist.

The first step in our exercise for the evening was to draw the dish on a sheet of cold press watercolour paper. I showed the group how I like to plan a drawing and gave them a few pointers about ellipses.

Step one-Pen and w/c demo by Barry Coombs-WGA2013

Step two was a bit of a surprise. I had also brought a pile of beach stones. I asked the group to place some stones in and around their dishes. Then, they added the stones to their drawing.

Step two-Pen and w/c demo by Barry Coombs-WGA2013

We completed this step and moved on to a discussion of light and shadow. We didn’t work with ‘available’ light. Each artist imagined a single light source. My light is illuminating the objects from the upper left. Pencil was used to indicate the main core and cast shadows.

Step three-Pen and w/c demo by Barry Coombs-WGA2013

Time to paint! I mixed up a neutral grey using Burnt Sienna and Cobalt Blue. I applied the uniform middle value of grey to all shadow areas. In addition to that, I created a background field. It helps to set off the lights in the upper part of the drawing.

Step four-Pen and w/c demo by Barry Coombs-WGA2013

The wash was allowed to dry. We discussed the basic elements of pen drawing including hatch, cross-hatch, stipple and line weight. I added some pen to my drawing. I’ll do some more work on it when we get started next week.

The group didn’t have much time to explore with the pen so we’ll pick up where we left off next Thursday. I’ll also be introducing a new and very colourful subject for our second exercise. Looking forward to it!



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3 Responses to “WGA – Pen and Watercolour – Week One”

  1. William Brisland Says:

    These are little “GEMS” and how soon we forget the basic principles, it’s great to be reminded of them once in a while.
    These blogs just lift my spirits. Keep ’em coming .

  2. Ruth Bailey Says:

    I like that the background field is not a rectangle! Thanks for sharing your exercises with us.

  3. Carol King Says:

    I like this post and will give it a try.

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