SOYRA watercolour workshop – Wrapup!


Recently, I spent three evenings with the Society of York Region Artists. The first evening I presented a Power Point talk about my Cubist-influenced watercolours and followed that with a demonstration of my approach. I didn’t get very far with the demo but I was able to give the audience a good idea of how I compose, draw and paint these works.

I finally finished the Red Barn watercolour (above). It’s painted on a half sheet of Curry’s 200 lb., Cold Press paper.

The next two evenings were devoted to a workshop. We all worked on quarter sheets. I discussed Cubism and showed some examples of paintings of the period. We developed our compositions and preliminary drawings thoughtfully. The next step was to paint our sheets with a very pale wash which established the white areas in the images. All that took up the first evening.


The Yellow Barn is my demonstration (above). I painted along with the group. As we worked, we talked about colour a lot. Use of neutral greys, patterning, preserving whites and off-whites and eventually, black.

The participants worked very hard and I enjoyed their courage and enthusiasm. It was a real challenge and a journey into the unknown for them. I was gratified with their efforts and the positive comments I received.

We could have used another hour! Still, the ‘cubist’ watercolours looked great even though none were quite finished. I asked the participants to send me the completed works and I’ve received one to date. So, here they are; as they were at the end of two evenings and one finished piece.



Cubist Barn by Nancy Newman

Cubist Barn
by Nancy Newman


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2 Responses to “SOYRA watercolour workshop – Wrapup!”

  1. Lois Says:

    Beautiful, and I love them all.!!!

  2. Linda Halcomb Says:

    Wow! Very cool…the finished painting must make you proud.

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