Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Two

Still Life-FallTuesWk2

“I am finding doing the value paintings really helpful in training my eyes to see differently.” – Tuesday evening student

I think this statement really hits the nail on the head. An understanding of value not only contributes greatly to the development of an artist but to a new appreciation of the visual world.

We got to a good start last week by concentrating on value and it’s source; light and shadow. Yesterday, I discussed it again and started my demonstration with greys mixed from Cobalt Blue and Burnt Sienna.

I’m not going to show you my demo, however. I’m going to let a few of the students tell the story. The paintings below show the development of values and relationships in the subject.

Apples in Grey by Kim Magee

Apples in Grey
by Kim Magee

This is the first time that Kim Magee has done this exercise. She’s kept her greys very consistent and has done a very good job of simplification.

Apples in Grey by Barb Stanley

Apples in Grey
by Barb Stanley

Barb has more watercolour experience than Kim and has taken the contrast farther with strong, dramatic darks. Colour control is good except for the background, which is bluer than the rest of the painting. Still, excellent work.

Apples in Grey by Michele Perigny

Apples in Grey
by Michele Perigny

Michele has an almost teal hue to her greys so it will be interesting to see how the colour looks when added. Her colour consistency and simplification are admirable. Her whites look yellowish but that’s the fault of the photographer, yours truly, and not the artist.

After the value aspect of the paintings was completed, we ‘glazed’ colour over the local areas. The colour was applied very gently. The underlying grey washes were absolutely dry before the colour was applied.

Many of the early English watercolour painters developed their work with values in grey before applying colour. It’s a time-honoured approach that still rewards watercolour artists and students today.

Can you identify the paintings shown above in the Critique collections below?

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique



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One Response to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Two”

  1. Linda Halcomb Says:

    I am once again dazzled. Glad to be back. You and your students still inspire me.

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