Cotswolds – Stanway House!


Yesterday, our last of five day trips took us to the stunning Stanway House, not far from Broadway and our home base of Farncombe Estate. What a treat! Stanway House is closed to tourists and visitors on Friday so our group had an exclusive tour of the house from Christine and were able to paint anywhere on the extensive estate.

But first there were a few things to learn. The Tithe Barn is about 700 years old. This may not be the original key but it still works.


If one would like to leave the grounds to explore the village, one must know the location of the secret gate.


Stanway House is famous for it’s gravity-driven fountain. It shot up at noon and continued for about fifteen minutes. It was quite a sight, especially to one of our artists who was a little too close at the time and had to scramble to dry ground.


High above the fountain is a small pyramid pavilion. It was an uphill hike but worth every gasp for the fabulous view.





Friday was our final painting day. We had a look at the work as soon as we got back to our studio. There’s more to come, though. Stay tuned for Saturday’s Final Critique!



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2 Responses to “Cotswolds – Stanway House!”

  1. Joan Wolfe Says:

    Wow! Great work!! Enjoyed the daily reports and seeing your work. Very impressive! Thanks for sharing. Safe journey home.

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