Cotswolds – Stow on the Wold!

I’d been waiting all week to say “Let’s get this Stow on the Wold!” Yesterday, I got my chance. Stow is a pretty market town. Our driver dropped us off on a small green and we started our painting day with a discussion and a brief review. I reminded everyone of the importance of sketching, especially at the start of the day. Sometimes, we launch right into painting and forget how helpful it can be to first draw for a while. It familiarizes us with our subject and trains our eye for the day’s visual challenges.

Pen and ink sketch by Barry Coombs-Cotswolds2013

We wrapped up our meeting fairly quickly and got to work.




We had a few drops during the day but nothing too threatening. You may have noticed that churchyards are popular painting spots. They don’t seem to attract masses of tourists and often have excellent views of the surrounding area.






The skies opened up with about a half hour to go. We were glad to board our bus and head back to Farncombe Estate. We decided to defer our critique until this morning. This group is really starting to produce some lovely paintings and drawings.




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5 Responses to “Cotswolds – Stow on the Wold!”

  1. Tam Greenley, Grand Manan NB Says:

    Love the old stone work and that door guarded by enormous old trees…wow!

  2. Carol King Says:

    I’d been waiting all week to say “Let’s get this Stow on the Wold!”

    Oh Barry, did you hear me groan? (Ok, it WAS very punny!)

    Your workshop folks have produced some lovely work.

  3. Lois Says:

    Hi Barry, May I have permission to use these Photos,from this trip, since I
    can’t make your classes.
    Intriguing photo, of the two trees by the Building Doors,
    But all of the pic, are great.
    students, did good, love your examples, and Thanks so
    much for sharing. Soooooooo,appreciated.

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