Grand Manan Island – Day Three!


It was a busy day in North Head Harbour. The herring carriers were heading out to the weirs, rockweed was coming in by the boatload and fishermen were working on their nets as the gulls waited eagerly for tidbits.


I started things off with a talk about drawing boats and a few ideas about reflections. The tide dropped steadily so the perspective of the boats was an even bigger challenge than usual.


Eventually, we saw an awful lot of wharf, rock and seaweed. Grand Manan experiences some of the most dramatic tides in the world.


Undaunted, our artists found their spots and got to work.





During the afternoon, I prepared a sheet with two studies. Both are in watercolour over pencil. Tomorrow, I’m going to work on them with pen for the morning demonstration.

Watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombs-GM2013

We strolled up the hill to the Marathon Inn for our critique at the end of the day. It was nice to enjoy the paintings and drawings with a cold beer or glass of wine in hand. Some of the group are off for a sunset kayaking excursion with Adventure High. My plan is another cold one on our deck with it’s spectacular view. Hasta manana!



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7 Responses to “Grand Manan Island – Day Three!”

  1. Scott Cooper Says:

    Nicw group of work – looks like you lot are having a good week!

  2. Joan Wolfe Says:

    Really enjoying your postings. Wish I was there with you! Impressed with the work produced. Thanks for sharing
    Joan Wolfe, London, ON

  3. William Brisland Says:

    Oh it must be great to be by the sea, how I drool at the thought!
    Happy painting to all of you.

  4. George Says:

    The weather and the paintings look great. Some year I will make it down.

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