Sustained Saturday – Watercolour Plus!

Still LIfe - WinterSat2/2013StillLIfe

I rearranged and added some new ball caps to the pile for the Sustained Saturday students. You may recall these caps from last Tuesday’s classes.

My talk and demonstration covered the same general topics. Simplification of form and soft edge techniques were the main focus. Again, we discussed some different ways to approach this challenging subject.

Watercolour Demonstration by Barry Coombs - WinterSat2/2013

If you’ve followed the Sustained Saturday posts, you may have noticed that there is almost always a pen and ink drawing surrounded by the watercolour paintings. The dedicated pen and ink artist is Trish Leacock. She had to leave a bit early yesterday so I thought it was time to feature her drawing. Trish uses cross-hatching to gradually develop the values in her drawings and, as you can see, she also enjoys to play with her design.

BALL CAPS  by Trish Leacock

by Trish Leacock

Hard to believe but that’s the last Sustained Saturday until the Fall term. As May rolls around, most people are preoccupied with gardening and cottages so I don’t usually offer any Saturdays after the end of April.

I’ll miss the enthusiasm, energy and good humour of the Saturday regulars. I’ll miss their solid watercolour paintings, as well.

Sustained Saturday Critique

Sustained Saturday Critique


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3 Responses to “Sustained Saturday – Watercolour Plus!”

  1. bar Says:

    A very good Saturday was had by all! What wonderful paintings.

  2. William Brisland Says:

    I will miss seeing the results of your classes at least until later in the year. It’s always a tonic for me to look at the results.
    Best regards, William

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