Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Three – Caps!

Still Life - SpringTuesWk3

It’s baseball season so out came the caps! Last week, I touched on thumbnail studies and reminded the students yesterday of how important they are to an artists’ process.

Here’s a thumbnail sketch of the cap still life. It’s done in pen and ink in my 5 x 7″ sketchbook.  Three steps are shown here.

1) SKETCH – My preliminary lines, all straight, are done in orange ink. I then refined the drawing, using curved strokes, with black ink.

2) FRAME – I’ve zoomed in and decided on a vertical composition. The proportions are about 3 x 4, the same as most watercolour pads, blocks and sheets.

3) SHADE – I’ve shaded with hatching; parallel strokes. Studying and simplifying the shadows in this thumbnail is a great help when it comes to the watercolour painting.

Thumbnail sketch by Barry Coombs - SpringTuesWk3

It’s time for the watercolour demonstration. Again, I stressed simplification and soft edge techniques. I also distributed artistic licenses. The students were encouraged to use whichever colours they desired with their caps.

Watercolour Demonstration by Barry Coombs - SpringTuesWk3

Sometime, during the night, my blog had it’s 80,000th view. Thanks, as always, for supporting me with your likes and comments and by following our endeavours. Now, here’s what you really want to see….the student watercolours.

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique




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5 Responses to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Three – Caps!”

  1. Rick Brown Says:

    Barry, birding caps can birds be far behind?
    Cheers Rick

  2. Lois Says:

    Barry, Congratulations, you had so many Views!!
    I hope your site Never, is taken off, I have learned so much, and
    appreciate it all.
    Sorry, that your so far away; and I do not travel…
    Your Students, did well with the Hats…
    Great teacher…
    Thanks always for Sharing.

  3. David Sansome Says:

    Hi Barry,
    Really sorry that I’m missing this session. Love the hat’s and what everyone has done with the colours.

  4. Barry Coombs Says:

    Your fellow morning painters miss you too, Dave. More ballcaps coming in my next post.

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