Sustained Saturday – Watercolour Plus!

Still LIfe - SpringSat1/2013

The Saturday regulars were back for a full day of watercolour painting. Watercolour is our primary focus but some very nice drawings were created, as well.

I talked about simplification and discussed a few brush-handling techniques while painting my demonstration sheet. It’s important to understand the forms of the pears when you paint them. How is the light hitting them? Do the core shadows describe the objects?

Watercolour Demonstration by Barry Coombs - SpringSat1/2013

The Saturday students always apply themselves to the task at hand with great enthusiasm. It’s not all hard work, though. We had a lot of fun and it’s very nice to see them leave with smiles on their faces.

Sustained Saturday Critique

Sustained Saturday Critique

I’ve got one more watercolour to show you. I photographed it separately because the artist, Jane Dalton, had to leave a bit early. I’ve know Jane for a long time but life and work commitments took her out of the country for several years. She’s been getting back into watercolour painting recently and doing very well.

Thanks for your comments, likes and for following our efforts.

PEARSby Jane Dalton

by Jane Dalton


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3 Responses to “Sustained Saturday – Watercolour Plus!”

  1. bar Says:

    i loved your demo pears. I like Jane’s pears very much as well.

  2. Stephen Quirke Says:

    Hey nice work Jane!!!
    And Barry your pears are stunning – I am enjoying your latest post about sketching the scene and look forward to your shading example.
    Your classes sound rich

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