Thursday in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I took everyone on a surprise day trip to Atotonilco on Thursday. This historic town is not very far from SM de Allende but feels like it’s a few centuries away. I set up my easel and did a demonstration using a flat angled brush and a palette of cool and warm colours.

Watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombs - SMA2013

After the demo, we settled in for the morning. Some of the group opted for the view of the picturesque cathedral. A shady arcade and a coffee also had it’s appeal.




Our driver, Javier, picked up most of us at 1pm and drove us to La Gruta, only five minutes away. La Gruta is a garden-like compound with thermal pools and a patio restaurant. Three of our artists decided to stay in Atotonilco and sat down to lunch at the little cafe run by nuns.


All good things come to an end and we returned to the Posada de la Aldea for our critique.


Thursday Critique;
First Batch

Thursday Critique;Second Batch

Thursday Critique;
Second Batch

Here’s a look at a colourful piece by Aeriol Nicols. Aeriol isn’t our most experienced painter and hasn’t worked en plein air before this workshop. She’s done a nice job here with her use of colour and the image is well placed on the sheet.

ATOTONILCO by Aeriol Nicols

by Aeriol Nicols

This pen and sketch is by Susan Power. Susan loves to draw. She’s been combining pen with watercolour for much of our time here. She’s used an expressive line and gestural hatching to create a rich drawing in black and white.

ATOTONILCO by Susan Power

by Susan Power

One more day of painting to go! Group dinner tonight at Hecho In Mexico, a lovely restaurant across the road from the hotel. We’re going to raise a glass to Nancy, Mary and Art. They know why. Thanks for your likes and comments.





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2 Responses to “Thursday in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico”

  1. jdcoto Says:

    I really love your demo piece!

  2. Lois Says:

    Beautiful photos.
    Would I have permssion to use the little Church. It is so pretty
    against the Blue sky…
    Thanks, and wish i was there for the Lessons!!

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