Sustained Saturday-More rust and dust!

Still Life - WinterSat3/2013

You’re right! This is the still life from last Tuesday with a few variations. These old objects have so much character that I didn’t want to deprive the Saturday students of an opportunity to paint them. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

I have the Tuesday demonstrations pinned to the studio wall and I pointed them out to the group  while discussing, for the most part, colour and the use of a triad. In addition to that, I did the demonstration sheet shown here. I was using a #8 round brush and I stressed soft edge. In particular, I tried to make gray shapes interesting by touching other colours into them while wet. The importance of keeping the lightest areas as luminous as possible was also discussed. The lights on the objects in my demonstration have been painted with very thin, diluted washes.

Watercolour Demonstration by Barry Coombs - WinterSat3/2013

It’s a long day with a lot of creative energy in the room. Much to our surprise, a mid-afternoon Face Time request came through on my iTouch. One of our Saturday regulars, Stewart, wanted to say hello from a palm-lined beach on the west coast of Mexico. It’s gratifying to realize how much our Sustained Saturday painting community means to the participating students. Hasta luego, Stew!

Sustained Saturday Critique

Sustained Saturday Critique


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