Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Three – Brass and Kiwis Again!

Still Life - WinterTuesWk3

I often use the same still-life from a Saturday class on the following Tuesday. Sometimes, I make a few changes but our brass and kiwis are pretty much intact from the last class. I cut a few more kiwis in half and rotated the table 90 degrees.

Avocado - Step one of w/c demo by Barry Coombs - WinterTuesWk3  Avocado - Step two of w/c demo by Barry Coombs - WinterTuesWk3

Here are two steps of an avocado from my watercolour demonstration sheet. Step one might look finished but the texture is fun to do so I added step two. Notice that the pits are painted as positive marks in the upper part of the object. In the shadowy area, I’ve avoided bits of light. I don’t want the shadow to look flat. There’s one more step in the large sheet shown below.

Vase - Step one of w/c demo by Barry Coombs - WinterTuesWk3  Vase - Step two of w/c demo by Barry Coombs - WinterTuesWk3  Vase - Step three of w/c demo by Barry Coombs - WinterTuesWk3

The vase is shown in three steps. Last week, I posted some drawings of shoes . I approached the drawing of the vase in exactly the same way, starting with straight lines and blocky shapes before using curved lines to refine the drawing. I’ve worked light to dark with the watercolour, gradually adding a sense of structure.

Watercolour demonstration by Barry Coombs - WinterTuesWk3

It might be difficult to see the third step on the lower avocado. I added some more dark pits in the shadow area.

The morning and evening classes run for three hours. My demonstration always takes time and a snowstorm delayed the arrival of several morning students. Still, the students work very hard and it amazes me that they can accomplish so much in the allotted time.

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique



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7 Responses to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Three – Brass and Kiwis Again!”

  1. George Eadie Says:

    Great painting lesson Barry, on some challenging subjects, on the coldest night of the year.

  2. Linda Halcomb Says:

    Really interesting challenge! I wanted to let you know that I am doing exercises from your post. I will be posting my week 1 painting today. Distance learning! I am crediting you and linking to your wonderful blog. This first try has been fun! I think you have said before that you do not mind this. If that is not correct please let me know.

  3. Barry Coombs Says:

    Thanks, George. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Nice to have Kaila and yourself back in action.

  4. Lois Says:

    Love these Demos.
    Thanks for sharing and being such a good Artist,and showing
    the steps, which makes it a little easier to see and do.

  5. yousra Says:

    i don’t know if you had seen my message ,but i really want to learn from you ……but i don’t open my hotmail so often so i’m asking if it is possible to send the messages on the face book or not !!! please reply 😉 thanks in advance !

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