Sustained Saturday – Watercolour Plus

A little colour is always welcome on a grey November day. The peppers may not have been quite as welcome. They’re a tricky subject.

I used my demonstration sheet to discuss various elements of our still-life. Mixing darker values of warm colours such as yellow and red is always a challenge. I usually use some version of the colour’s complement. Basically, the yellow was darkened with violet.

The baskets pose an interesting problem, as well. Consider the big shapes of the orange basket in my demo as the first step. Notice the little rectangular swatches above it? They can be painted over the big shapes, when dry. Then, the dark thin strokes can be used to suggest the shadows where the panels of the basket overlap.

The group responded very well, as you can see from their colourful and interesting compositons. Most of them did thumbnail sketches in their sketchbooks prior to painting. Some also painted individual studies of the objects on a separate study sheet. Good practice leads to strong results.

That’s it for Fall Saturdays. Why don’t you join us in the new year? Have a look at my Winter Studio Calendar.

Sustained Saturday Critique


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One Response to “Sustained Saturday – Watercolour Plus”

  1. David Sansome Says:

    Hi Barry, Received your email yesterday and would like to attend your Tuesday am Workshop. My concern however is that it is too advanced in that I haven’t done much with my art in awhile. Thank’s for the email. Dave Sansome

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