Sustained Saturday – Watercolour +

The Saturday gang were back at it yesterday. As you can see, I’m planning to make a turnip soup in a few days.

Many (most?) of the students tend to paint the primary objects, such as the turnips and onions, first. The bowls and jars are usually done next and the background last. (I can hear the regular students rolling their eyes right now)

So, what’s the big deal? Are there any pitfalls to developing a painting with this approach? I discussed one potential problem at the start of yesterday’s class.

The sheet above shows four objects. I completed the two on the left and tried to make them look good on the white paper background. There’s a subtle difference to the two objects on the right. I left the tops of them a bit lighter. They may not look quite as finished but I was anticipating something darker behind them.

On the sheet below, I added two shapes. They help to set off the turnip and the onion. If I add something dark behind the veggies on the left, they may look fine but I don’t think they’ll be as luminous.

It’s important to consider not just the individual objects but the relationships between them. A tonal thumbnail study, done in your sketchbook, is an excellent way to study your subject before you start painting.

It was a full house and, as usual, we had a lot of fun. They’ve made the still-life look very appetizing with some vibrant use of colour. I hope my turnip soup tastes as good as these watercolours look.

Sustained Saturday Critique


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3 Responses to “Sustained Saturday – Watercolour +”

  1. Gordon Dowsley Says:

    Barry I almost feel I should be paying for these lessons.   I gave a talk at the Seniors here on the emergence of contemporary art so thought of you.  I give a course called Potpourri of history so had to include one talk on art history   have fun today   Gordon


  2. Carol King Says:

    Another wonderful class. Thanks for sharing your lessons.

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