Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week One

It was back to school for the watercolour painters on Tuesday. I always wonder what to present on the first day after a long layoff. I chose the ‘shape-reading’ approach to watercolour sketching. Only the brush is used; no pencil drawing first.

Shape-reading can be an adventure (that lime on the left developed a life of it’s own) but that’s a big part of it’s appeal. No time is invested in the creation of a thumbnail sketch or a preliminary pencil drawing.  The formality of a  neat masking tape ‘frame’ is omitted. I suggested that no more than an hour be spent on each piece. As a result, the artist may feel more free to take a risk or two. Happy accidents can lead to new ideas.

My morning and evening demonstrations are on the same sheet of Saunders Waterford, 140 lb., cold press paper. The paper is unstretched and clipped to a support board. I used a #7 round brush.

The groups responded very well to the challenge. Almost everyone tried ‘shape-reading’. Some worked a bit bigger than I suggested but, overall, it was an enjoyable and rewarding exercise.

Would you like to be a part of this? There are a still a few spots left in the evening class and nine great weeks of watercolour to go!

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique



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