Trinity Bight, Newfoundland – Last Day!

It was a bit cool in the morning as we assembled for our on-site demonstration in Trinity East. I used a 3/8″ flat angled brush and worked with a swatch-like approach. I fussed it a bit so I’ll blame the wind buffeting my board and my numb fingers.

It was our last day of painting and a bit of wind and the cool temperature weren’t about to deter this group of enthusiastic artists.

They do manage to find some interesting places to work, don’t they? Also, like every day here, we learned more about the history and culture from friendly visiting locals.


Trinity East has two small harbours and they each offer a variety of inspiring subjects for painting. We could even see the Trinity Light in the distance.

I settled in to a windbreak midday and faced away from the harbour. I got my 1″ flat angled brush and did a watercolour. I only used the one brush throughout the painting. It’s a good challenge to make every mark and shape, no matter how small or skinny, with the 1″ brush.

By the way, that’s the traditional Newfoundland flag under the Maple Leaf. I employed some artistic license and put it on the pole instead of the official flag, which was actually there. I just like it more although the official flag was designed by Newfoundland artist Christopher Pratt in 1980.

Two more batches of paintings and drawings were shown at our end of day critique. I’ve really looked forward to our critiques this week and I think you can see why.

Friday Critique – First Batch

Friday Critique – Second Batch

We followed that with our Final Critique. Everyone presented three pieces done during the week and it was an enjoyable summary of the overall creative experience. We then said good-bye to our lovely and spacious studio, the English Harbour Arts Centre.

Our final, final event was a potluck dinner (clean out your fridges!) at the Sherwood Suites and Motel in Port Rexton. Almost all of the group stayed at the Sherwood and Stan arranged to have two barbecues for our use. I hope the housekeeping staff don’t think that all of the empties came from just two people!

Thanks to all of you for following our exploits in this beautiful part of the world. The scenery is spectacular, the studio and accommodations were excellent and a lot of fine work was done but our most lasting memories will likely be of our daily encounters with generous and friendly Newfoundlanders. Their reputation is intact, as far as we’re concerned.





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5 Responses to “Trinity Bight, Newfoundland – Last Day!”

  1. Scott Cooper Says:

    Looks like you folks had a grand week. Congratulations on all the fine work!

  2. William Brisland Says:

    It appears to have been as good (if not better) as the workshop on Grand Manan. The artists work is most impressive. Wish I had been there!

  3. Alison Says:

    You would have been a welcome addition to our group William! it was an incredible experience.

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