Trinity Bight, Newfoundland – Day Four

We gathered at our studio, the English Harbour Arts Centre, for a demonstration of pen and ink with watercolour. Yesterday, I’d prepared the watercolour and I added the ink today.

Some of the group stayed in English Harbour and others went to the nearby village of Champney’s West . It’s difficult to choose between these lovely sites.

English Harbour

Champney’s West

Before lunch, I did another demonstration (I didn’t do a demo yesterday as I was too busy picking wild blueberries for my breakfast granola). This one was a ‘shape-read’ in watercolour. No pencil drawing was done on the sheet,  just straight in with the brush.

After the demo, everyone settled in for the afternoon. This is a very hard-working group.

We started our critique a bit earlier than usual because we had plans for the evening. Once again, we looked at the work in two batches.

Thursday Critique – First Batch

Thursday Critique – Second Batch

That was it for the painting day. Our first event of the evening was a visit to the Mill Road Studio where we received a tour from artist and teacher Stephen Zeifman. Stephen offers week-long courses at his hilltop studio and we enjoyed seeing his work and hearing about his program. I’d sign up just for the view.

It was time for dinner and the  Two Whales Cafe, a wonderful vegetarian restaurant, hosted a seating just for us. The food was delicious, the conversation was animated and, finally, a tired group bade their goodnights. Until tomorrow.





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One Response to “Trinity Bight, Newfoundland – Day Four”

  1. Stephen Quirke Says:

    This looks like such fun. I met a father and son in Malawi a while back who were from Newfoundland – they pronounced it Newfland – and it sounded like the photo essay here looks. Your classes produce such beautiful work.

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