Trinity Bight, Newfoundland – Day Three

We got off to a slightly damp and cool start this morning and convoyed to our painting site with fingers crossed. That is, we would have crossed our fingers but many of us bought gloves at the Foodex where we met in the parking lot.

As we came down the road into Old Bonaventure and saw this view, our spirits lifted. Then, not too long later, the skies lifted, as well.

Old and New Bonaventure are both spectacular painting spots. They’re situated in neighbouring coves and are right next door to the Random Passage Site. The Site is a fascinating, historic village that was built originally for the TV mini-series in 2000. The good news for our painters was the warm and hospitable cafe with home-made soup, baked goods and other yummy things. And don’t forget the easily accessed WASHROOMS.

Due to the uncertain weather, I didn’t do a demonstration. Everyone was quite inspired by the scenery and eager to get started. During the morning, I sat with some of the group on top of a cliff overlooking New Bonaventure.

I wanted to prepare for tomorrow’s demonstration so I worked on a watercolour sketch with a ‘shape-reading’ approach, straight in with the brush and no preliminary pencil drawing.

I also picked a full coffee cup of wild blueberries for tomorrow’s breakfast. Don’t tell anyone; I was supposed to be working.

What a great day! The group spread out between the two villages and made the most of it.


As usual, we held our critique at the English Harbour Arts Centre.

Wednesday Critique – First Batch

Wednesday Critique – Second Batch

By the way, more friendly locals chatted with the painters today but this fellow was definitely our favourite.




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One Response to “Trinity Bight, Newfoundland – Day Three”

  1. Monica Says:

    What a wonderful day!

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