Trinity Bight, Newfoundland – Day One

It poured rain this morning. There’s no other way to describe it. Fortunately, our studio for the week is the lovely English Harbour Arts Centre and Winnie had everything ready for us. I started the morning with a talk about basic two-point perspective, hoping that it would be a help for the rest of the week. Some of the more experienced painters were eager to get to work and went off  ‘car-sketching’. Most stayed for the talk.

Later in the morning, about half the group settled in to the studio and I took them through the steps of my simplification exercise. My subject was English Harbour, of course.

Although we’d rather be outdoors (I’ve never spent a whole day in a church before), the week got off to a great start. More painters turned up as the afternoon wore on and they converted their sketches into some very nice watercolours.

Somehow, we managed to view all of the work at once at our end of day critique but it did pose a challenge to our staff photographer. Fingers are crossed about tomorrow’s weather but stay tuned for more from the gorgeous Trinity Bight on the Bonavista Peninsula.

Monday Critique




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One Response to “Trinity Bight, Newfoundland – Day One”

  1. Trish Leacock Says:

    Despite the rain it looks like a lovely productive day. Well done. Greetings from CT – Trish, Jacques and Hilary

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